The most sophisticated
AI crypto trading system

Joseph (by CITS) is a one of a kind project: a successfully operating AI for managing crypto assets on crypto exchanges.

The system is fully automated - 24/7 and does not require human involvement. It is self-adaptive, independent, and demonstrates high operational stability and resilience.

It is a perfect tool for preserving capital and stable profitability.

Token Generation Event:

Soft cap
$6 000 000
Hard cap
$30 000 000
How Joseph works
Joseph consists of LSTM, NARX & Deep Learning and has the capabilities to continuously learn and adapt itself. He can perform the following tasks: analyze the state of the cryptocurrency market, forecast future dynamics of cryptocurrencies, measure and access risks of both separate assets and the entire portfolio, calculate Stop Loss & Take Profit, generate and manage trade signals through APIs of the crypto exchanges. The current version of the system uses the following functional modules:
Automatic strategy push
Automatically reallocates funds within the assets of the portfolio to establish the required balance between returns and risks
Forecasts price dynamics with high accuracy, calculates the level of risks and the levels of profit and loss
Data analysis
Analyzes a huge amount of data in real-time and continuously self-learns
Allocation of funds
Allocates funds between different crypto currencies considering their intercorrelation.
Joseph operates in real time on 24/7 basis and has the following functionality:
Auto balancing
reallocates funds within the assets of the portfolio to ensure required balance between returns and risks
Strategy analysis
Calculates cues to enter transactions and signals Take Profit and Stop loss based on the chosen strategy from many predetermined
Portfolio monitoring
Constantly monitors the current portfolio, defining the conditions for opening new ones or closing the existing positions based on signals Take Profit or Stop loss.
 Tracks the dynamics of the strategy targets to identify the timing when the settings adjustment is required due to changed market conditions
The system tracks the price dynamics of different cryptocurrencies and selects those with the highest predictability
Constantly adapts itself by setting parameters of all mathematical models, including neural networks to changing market conditions
Tracking the dynamics
The system tracks the dynamics of all key cryptocurrencies and taking into account their intercorrelation, chooses for management the ones with maximum similarity and difference from the market index.
Based on price trend statistical data the system develops forecasts and calculates risks
Not Algo-trading
Our AI based platform is fundamentally different from traditional trading systems
Full process automation
Trading in fully automated mode without trader participation, excludes human factor.
Self-learning system
Uses adaptive mathematical models, monitors market fluctuations and adjusts the required parameters.
Traditional automated system
Partial automation
Automates only some of the trader's functions and supports decision taking process.
Uses static mathematical models
Uses stationary mathematical models and simple technical analysis formulas. Does not adapt to market conditions.
Convenient approach to solving complex problems
Current Results and Future Accomplishments

We know that our approach is right. Now we need to
upgrade our system and we know exactly how to do it!

35% p.a.Projected profitability

More details
Financial metrics
More details
NPV (Net present value)
$ 75.4 mm
IRR (Internal rate of return)
ROI (Return on investment)
annual average
Payback Period
years after Joseph’s
scale-up completion
Key characteristics of the token
CITS Token
Is a cryptographic token, not cryptocurrency, not securities. They are not intended to be commodity or any other kind of financial instrument. For more information please see WP.
Project budget
All raised funds exceeding the project budget will be transferred to CITS management to increase token profitability and the company income
Offerings of CITS tokens
The company expects to place 3 million tokens on the market. Purchase is possible after KYC/AML procedures in the users personal account
Revenue from CITS tokens
Minimum purchase amount:
$ 1 000
CITS token cost:
$ 10
Accepted currencies:
Bonus system
The company offers bonus to purchasers, which depends on the amount and time of token purchase
2-10% bonus
Week 2
1.5-8% bonus
4 weeks
1-6% bonus
Week 8
0.5-5% bonus
Week 12
0-4% bonus
>12 weeks
Minimum purchase amount to get a bonus
>$ 25 000
Bonus program description
The company offers bonus to purchasers, which depends on the amount and time of token purchase
Project budget
$ 6.000.000
TGE budget allocation
Joseph scale-up20%
Research and development25%
Legal matters15%
Marketing and PR10%
Compensation fund5%
Distribution during TGE
Available for sale86%
Partners (advisors , options etc.)14%
* Unrealized tokens burn down after TGE completion
Team tokens will be blocked within 18 months after TGE completion
Project roadmap
Quarter 1 2017
CITS project creation
Quarter 2 2017
Numerical experiments to select specific cryptocurrencies and exchanges
Quarter 3 2017
Develop the scope and architecture of the AI system for the cryptorobot being designed and develop its functionality
Quarter 4 2017
Develop price and risk forecasting models for different time horizons
Quarter 1 2018
Develop a set of goals and constraints for investment strategy development
Develop cryptocurrency portfolio models based on multipurpose programming
Quarter 2 2018
Raising $500,000 during the first round of investments
Quarter 3 2018
Creation of a working version of CITS v.1.0 system
Testing CITS on several exchanges
Quarter 4 2018
Creation of a Token purchaser personal account and a project website
Completion of CITS v.1.0 testing - sustainable positive results achieved
Quarter 1 2019
Completed legal and tax research to select TGE jurisdiction and ownership
Quarter 2 2019
Completion of CITS v. 1.1 testing - sustainable positive results achieved
Quarter 3 2019
Start of legal entity registration process for TGE
Creation of a workable version of CITS v. 1.2 system and start of its testing
Prepare project documents: presentation, WP, token sale contract, user agreement, confidentiality agreements
Quarter 4 2019
Completion of CITS v. 1.2 testing
Quarter 1 2020
Registration of a legal entity
Creation of all required documents
Quarter 2 2020
Develop a marketing plan
Start of Token Generation Event
TGE listing on financial markets platforms
Quarter 3 2020
Implement a KYC procedure
Partner with financial and payment platforms
Quarter 4 2020
PR and Marketing campaigns for TGE
Quarter 1 2021
PR and Marketing campaigns for TGE
Quarter 2 2021
Token Generation Event completion
Quarter 3 2021
Initiate legal procedures for setting up an operating company
Start scaling up Joseph and R&D
Quarter 4 2021
Operation testing of the trading system and user interface
Quarter 1 2022
Launching the operations of the trading system and users interface in test mode
Complete test operation of the trading system and user interface
Obtaining required licenses and permits
Marketing launch
Quarter 2 2022
Creating a legal entity for an Operating company
Operation company starts new clients serving
Project team

Michael Vavilov

Founder and Managing Partner

Has 20 years of experience in Russian commercial banks in the areas of corporate and SME business lending.

Over the last 10 years he has developed his own business for automated credit risk management, forecasting and financial asset management.

Michael has extensive experience in managing and structuring banking business processes.

Campbell Law


Campbell is an experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of projects in the financial services industry. He worked for Goldman Sachs as a Vice President for 11 years, before changing his focus to helping startups.

Campbell collaborated with many fintech companies, advised on digital assets, and helped with several company formations. His total of 20 years of expertise greatly helps him to manage projects in the most efficient way possible.

Vitaly Kolesnikov


As a partner at CITS, Vitaly's main focus is investor relations, marketing, and PR.

Vitaly is a specialist in developing key values for marketing and PR, including an artistic style and brand image. He also plays a significant role in communication with investors

He worked with a videogame news website, YouTube channels, political campaigns, startups, and journalist investigations. His flow of ideas and diverse working experience make him a great fit for any creative team.

Vladimir Cherkashenko

Mathematical Modeling Team Leader

Vladimir has more than 30 years of scientific experience.

Vladimir is a certified risk management specialist and has a global certificate of professional risk manager PRMIA.

Long-standing experience and a wide range of tasks solved allow to implement efficient risk and predictive methodologies and build smart software solutions for different business areas.

Eugene Rupakov

Software & Blockchain architect

Eugene is an expert in multidimensional database systems with a MSc degree from Bauman Moscow State University.

He started his career as a developer of cryptographic part of pluggable crypto-protocols for proprietary VPN with PKI in Jet Infosystems. He also has in depth experience in planning and managing the development of large scale business intelligence systems. In addition, he was a leading software architect at Deep understanding of enterprise-wide cryptography and distributed systems helped him to master blockchain technology and to complete around 10 projects - from a small wallet for Ethereum and tokens ERC-20 to large-scale payment networks and a currency exchange for 12 currencies.

Nelli Tomashevskaya

Personal data protection expert

Nelly Tomashevskaya & Partners is a Partner in the Fintech and Personal Data Protection practice at Tomashevskaya & Partners.

Nelli has long experience in legal consulting of companies and startups on a wide range of issues, including protection of confidential information and compliance of client business with the law.

Deep experience in these areas enables Nelli to provide high-level legal services to fintech companies.

Yuri Verenov

Marketing & Product Adviser

A successful entrepreneur, more than 20 years of experience in international marketing and sales distribution, work with major international Class A brands in electronics, participation in international exhibitions, launch of new products.

Andrey Soloviev

IR Manager

Over 15 years of experience working with affluent clients, working in investment funds, as well as in a major consulting company based in London.

spent 1 year in Silicon Valley launching a successful technological startup, Andrey's mission was to attract and organize seed investments and organize subsequent rounds.

Alexander Aseykin

UX/UI designer & PR Manager

Alexander is a specialist in user interface and marketing. He took part in major Russian IT projects with Group as well as Russian Railways.

Developed a user interface for the Group recommendation system.

Together with the Russian Railways team, he participated in the creation of a completely new experience in the application of machine intelligence to the transport sphere.

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