Who we are
A few years ago we had an idea to create an AI-based system that would predict crypto markets and make stable profitable investments. It sounded almost like an impossible task, but we assembled a great team of mathematicians, engineers, and programmers, who shared the same vision and values.
Two years later we made it. We built an AI, based on complex mathematical models, which allowed it to foresee the future and trade crypto at a stable profit completely autonomously. The results we had completely exceeded our expectations, the system was so sophisticated, that we gave it a name — Joseph.
Usually, when people talk about AI technologies in crypto, they mean some kind of a trading bot, that reacts to the user’s parameters of Stop Loss and Take Profit. Joseph is a completely different technology.
Using advanced science it calculates the most likely rate of crypto and decided on its own if it is better to buy or sell assets. It chooses the amount of crypto it buys/sells and it decides if it is a short term or a long term investment.
Joseph adapts itself and by itself. It doesn’t need any human involvement, and basically replaces a whole team of traders, risk managers, and market analytics. This system is a true technological masterpiece.
Now what we were able to achieve so far. After we completed the development we firstly tested Joseph in a virtual space. After that stage was finished, we decided to let it trade real money.
We set it to trade the safest way possible and having the lowest possible risk, gave it $100.000, and began the test. At first, Joseph had around 52% of income, before Bitcoin started to be extremely volatile, so our AI adapted itself to the new conditions in order not to lose money, but rather have a slower but safer profit. And all of the future crypto market fluctuations didn’t affect Joseph’s stable income.
The system has been running continuously for 2+ years now. Its profit at a stable market was around 52% p.a., while at an extremely volatile market it is around 12% p.a.
But we can significantly upgrade our System. We have a clear road map for the project, a definitive system-upscaling plan, and an extensive financial model for the next 5 years.
We know exactly how to increase Joseph’s profits to 30-35% or even more. To do that we decided to run a fundraising campaign by the means of the Token Generation Event (TGE).
This technology will basically earn money by itself with no risks what so ever. So, let’s build this business together.