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What is CITS?
CITS (Crypto Intelligence Trading Company) created a fully automated AI System for managing cryptocurrency without any human involvement, based on science. It basically replaces the whole team of traders, analytics, and risk managers.
Do you have any track record?
Yes. The system has been running continuously for 2+ years now. Its profit at a stable market was around 52% p.a., while at an extremely volatile market it is around 12% p.a. You can find a detailed graph at the “Results” section.
Is it some kind of a bot?
No. Unlike algorithmic bots or systems, our AI trade assets completely autonomously from humans. It analyses the market, continuously self-learns, and adapts to new conditions on its own.
How does it work?
Our AI uses complex science models and algorithms to predict the market situation. It doesn’t react to media speculations or anything, outside mathematical calculations.
What is the stage of the project?
We are currently raising funds by the means of the Token Generation Event (TGE) to enhance our system.
What do you need money for?
We want to upgrade our system to a stable 30-35% p.a. in any market conditions and create an extremely profitable and stable crypto-business. We know exactly how to upscale our AI and we got an extensive financial plan for the next few years.
How to acquire CITS Tokens?
Register on the website, pass the identity verification process, and afterward, you will be able to acquire our Tokens from your personal profile.
Will you partner with a crypto exchange?
Yes, after TGE Completion.